Office Window Cleaner – Why Every Business Should Have One

Superior shine cleaning services
Superior shine cleaning services

If you own or manage a business, you’ll know that there are hundreds of factors that contribute to it running smoothly. From recruiting staff to making sure the tea bags are topped up in the kitchen. All of them are important in there own way. One of the most critical areas in the majority of businesses is maintaining a clean and healthy workspace. Providing a pleasant environment for staff to work will help boost morale and productivity and also help reduce the number of sick days taken. An often overlooked area in many businesses, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, are the windows. In this post, we look at the business benefits of having clean windows and why you should have a regular office window cleaner.

Staff Morale

As anyone who has managed people will testify a happy worker is more productive than an unhappy worker. Keeping staff morale high is vital for a business to be successful.

What if we told you that keeping your office windows clean could increase staff productivity by 2% and decrease instances of eye strain, headaches and blurred vision by up to 84%.

Studies have shown that exposure to natural daylight is a key factor in our health and wellbeing. Workers in offices with good levels of natural light can be up to 2% more productive than those who work in windowless offices.

We also know that dirty windows can reduce the amount of light that passes through them by up to 30%. So by simply having a regular office window cleaner, you improve your staff productivity.

Reduce Maintenace Costs

Dirty, grimy windows could end up costing your business money. Window glass is a porous surface, and over time it will absorb dirt and grime that is allowed to build up on its surface. Without regular cleaning, glass can become stained and damaged. Damaged glass may reduce the amount of natural light that can pass through it. It will also impede people ability to look through the glass to the outside world, and it presents a poor image to visitors.

Replacing windows is a costly business and one that can be easily avoided through regular window cleaning.

Lower Electricity Bills

As we’ve already stated, dirty windows reduce the amount of natural light that can pass through them. If less light is entering a building through the windows, then the reliance on artificial lighting increases. Every time a light gets switched on, your business is spending money on electricity. If those lights are being switched on simply because you have dirty windows blocking natural light, then you are wasting money.

If your business needs an office window cleaner then we can help.Superior shine offers commercial window cleaning services to businesses in and around Scotland . We are fully insured, safe contractor and iso 9001 & 14001 certified and can provide risk assessments and references from existing clients if requested, we also offer multi site discounts.

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